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An effective Product Owner must have a vision for the product and effectively communicate it.



Assessments & Agile Deployments
Often, firms know they need help in gaining efficiencies, significantly reducing defects…
Coaching and Mentoring
Although the right training and deployment roadmap help is vital for a company’s success…
Project Execution
Although we recommend that organizations train their own employees who will work with our…

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Custom Software Development

We offer two levels of custom solutions to help you push your business forward. Our staff will work with your organization through conception, design, development, deployment and user training on the new software.

Systems Integration

Knowing how to use a sophisticated third-party data analysis package, such as S-PLUS and SAS is not enough. The package will need to be integrated within your framework.

Custom Development

If it is necessary to have a solution developed from scratch to fit your needs, VRDS’ experienced development team will work with you and your budget to analyze your needs and develop the perfect solution for your business.

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Software Products

Introducing Clear Sky® Test Management and Execution Suite, a system that provides many of the same benefits attained from RFT while compensating for the pitfalls. More Details

Latest Blogs

Experimentation Means it’s OK to Fail

Experimentation is the key to learning and continuous learning is the core of Agile and iterative methods.  A wise man once told me that we know the least about our product and the optimum process to build that product when we first start. I could never (or never wanted to) argue that point. When we […]

Q & A is Part of the Team

It is almost guaranteed that when I work with new organizations, one of the first questions that comes up is “How does the development organization work with the Q/A organization?” This question is a stinker. A seemingly simple question actually is pointing out much deeper organizational issues that go beyond testers to how we see […]

Does Testing Add Value?

One question I am often asked is “Does testing add value?” Many people who ask this question are development or Q/A managers who are trying to figure out how testing fits within an agile environment. My simple answer is: “No, it does not.” Now, before you get all half-cocked, I am not saying we should […]

ScrumMasters are not Task Masters

It always bewilders me to think about the amount of teams out there who designate the ScrumMaster as a ‘Task Master’. In these teams, the ScrumMaster’s role is often seen as that of an administrator. This ScrumMaster schedules, plans and runs the meetings, including the Daily Scrum.    His job is to make sure all the […]

When Did Agile Stop Being Agile?

I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend lately where pundits, bloggers, and practitioners keep insisting there’s only one way to practice Agile software development, and it’s usually their way (go figure). I can’t tell you how many times I’ll read or hear about new Agile practitioners who asked a simple question on an online group or […]

ScrumMasters are Change Agents

Anyone who knows me knows that I love ScrumMasters.  My family had to get used to the idea of being second in line, but they’ll get over it.  Why the love affair? Simple.  They are the organization’s change agents!  Their #1 role is to continuously create positive changes.  (FYI, if you thought that the role […]

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