Understanding and Transforming Organizational Culture

Understanding and Transforming Organizational Culture


2 Days


To most individuals, culture is simply the collective behavior of a community. However, for an organization, it is much deeper. A culture is forged as a group when integrating together while responding to external forces and challenges. It is the shared set of assumptions of how to think, act and feel which are propagated to the next generation of teams. Most leaders believe that if you introduce a new process, some simple training and coaching, the culture is bound to transform. However, culture is a more complex issue and requires deeper understanding, assessment and planning to change.

This fully-interactive workshop will start by teaching participants to understand the elements that make up culture, including artifacts and espoused values. Participants will gather these by getting up, walking around the office and observing, documenting and then, coming back together. The participants will then share and assess what they have seen and collectively form the basic underlying principles of their culture. Finally, participants will learn about how to change their culture through organizational, group and individual transformation initiatives.


  • Defining culture
  • Culture and personality
  • Symbolic management
  • Misaligned culture
  • Analyzing culture
  • Artifacts
  • Espoused values
  • Basic underlying assumptions
  • Rites and ceremonies
  • Where to look
  • Culture levels as a function of alignment
  • Identify gaps
  • Launch initiatives
  • Tune-ups
  • Rebuilds
  • Reboots
  • Types of change
  • The epiphany of cultural change

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, any business or development manager, change agents, developer, Q/A professional, or anyone else who would like to learn how to assess their culture to understand the deep rooted espoused values that are barriers against transforming the organization to one that aligns with Agile principles.