Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Agile Ethos?

In short, because we understand what you are going through when changing an organization. We didn’t always practice Agile methods. We’ve been through the same pains in past lives. We feel it over and over with each new client in this one.

  • For those change agents who have been given one goal - to transform the organization - and one dollar to do it with, we’ve been through it
  • For those frustrated ScrumMasters who are given no authority to set up and teach the process and practices of Scrum, we’ve changed that
  • For those developers who have been told “Scrum is a developer initiative and doesn’t apply to the business side”, we’ve fought upward through that
  • For those development organizations who were kept behind the ‘no contact with customers wall’, we’ve blasted through that
  • For those leaders and Product Owners who are under the mistaken notion that Agile is about an end-to-discipline or delivery-on-time, we’ve set you straight on that

Agile Ethos has worked with some of the toughest deployments and excelled. We have been brought where other instructors and coaches have failed, given up or won’t even try. While we work with all organizations, we excel in global corporations with large-scale projects utilizing several hundred (or more) developers and engineers who:

  • Usually build large products
  • Usually have teams distributed globally and who need to work together
  • Usually have long-lived product development cycles
  • Often build products that have software driving electromechanical components
  • Sometimes have no executive, product owner or manager buy-in for the deployment

We feel the pain together with our clients and help them work through the toughest organizational, cultural and technical transformation issues. Give us an opportunity to tell you how we may do the same for you. Contact us for more information.