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Tips of the Day

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Three-year-olds are the best root cause analysts I have ever met. They simply ask, “Why?” “Why?” “Why?” “Why?”

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An effective Product Owner must have a vision for the product and effectively communicate it.

Play a collaborative game in the morning a couple of times a week. It will get the team going the right way.

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. – Anon #Scrum #Lean

If you have external dependencies, look ahead a few iterations and plan for them

The iteration is the heartbeat of your development. Choose the length wisely and keep it consistent

“Good code is its own best documentation.” Steve McConnell

A good manager knows his job is to serve the team, not the other way around

Customer support is one of the best sources of insights on your customers’ issues. Have a conversation with them

Create a transformation backlog for all the proactive and reactive things that need to be changed within your org

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Leo Tolstoy

How much of your day is spent doing work that your customer would care about? What can you do about improving?

Transforming technical methods and practices is important, but assessing and transforming culture is key.

What have you done today to build integrity into the product?

“Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming.” – Brian Kernigan

Multitasking – the scourge of efficiency.

ScrumMasters in an organization should attend each-other’s meetings. You’ll be amazed what you can learn and teach.

Teams which have one or two-way dependencies should attend each-other’s planning and daily scrum meetings.

ScrumMasters should NOT also be Product Owners.