agile software development

Client Testimonials

The following quotes are a small but a representative subset of the thousands of similar quotes we receive every year. They are a strong evidence of our mission and the values we uphold in every class. We appreciate and strive for every one of these and thank our students for them.

Comments About Our Courses

Very interactive.

Real world examples.

The exercises and group interaction.

Discussions between group and instructor.

As a newly appointed scrum master, I found that the class was very helpful in filling in some gaps about how Scrum should be used instead of how we use it.

The “how to do it”; pictures of what story board and other artifacts look like.

We covered only what was necessary and left the book reading for later.

I liked the conciseness of the material and the experience of the instructor.

Good mix to text book and exercises.

Tips for breaking up work and the overall methodology of planning a release.

This course helped solidify the reasoning behind the process.

Good balance between slide and hands-on.

I usually don’t like [class exercises], but these were fun!!

The “how to do it”; pictures of what story board and other artifacts look like.

We covered only what was necessary and left the book reading for later.

Excellent class and great conversations about our issues. Good suggestions of tools and approaches that we can use that support the scrum process. In addition the attention to scaling scrum was excellent since the industry has not been comprehensively covered scaling of scrum.

Great use of exercises. Love that chicken!

Course focused more on applicability rather than on solely on theory.

Loved the flexibility of instructor to address concerns, interaction with other students.

Liked the ability to sit with individuals from other organizations to hear their experiences and share mine

Good dialogue. Good clarification of best practices vs. process precepts.

Real world examples, and the tailoring of course to us.

Comments About The Instructor

Great coverage of topics, obvious familiarity with subject/topics, excellent delivery skills, pretty good at adjusting to address questions and still getting back on track.

(The instructor) is an enthusiastic instructor with a unique ability to teach a difficult subject to a wide audience.

A very effective presenter, well suited to the material.

(The instructor) was knowledgeable, approachable and entertaining.

(The instructor) is a very good instructor. (The instructor) uses real world examples in his presentation.

Great personality, interjected humor which is very much appreciated in a 2 day 8 hour class.

Very clear, good relationships. Good knowledge base good examples.

The breakout sessions and simulations were good experiences. (The instructor) did a good job helping individual teams.

Very well delivered with a lot of real life examples an emphasizing practical versus theory. Well done!

Liked stories about other companies in personal experience … etc.

Very open to questions and making sure concepts are clear by comparing to other “real-life” scenarios.

(The instructor) customized his presentation well for the context of the students.

(The instructor) did a good job of presenting the information in the course. His side comments and stories kept it interesting.

Fantastic class, great energetic, knowledge instructor.