Our Consulting Services

At Agile Ethos, we practice what we teach. That’s why our professional services make up a significant portion of our full range of services. If you are looking to deploy Lean or Agile software development methods, Agile Ethos offers multiple ways to work with you in-person and on-site to attain the results needed to achieve breakthrough efficiencies and improvements within your product development environment.

We offer consulting at many levels, including:

Readiness Assessments and Agile Deployments
Often, firms know they need help in gaining efficiencies, significantly reducing defects, solving problems, improving processes and reducing time to market while increasing value. However, many times firms rush into adopting a methodology before they are ready.
Agile Ethos offers the knowledge and experience to assess your organization from top to bottom to understand it’s operational, cultural and project readiness for improvement. Through our assessment process, we work side-by-side with you to determine strategic gaps, choose the right improvement strategies and methodologies and construct a roadmap for deployment of those strategies.
Whether it is a full scale deployment or small-scale departmental improvements, Agile Ethos can help you plan the way to do it quickly and cost-effectively.
Coaching and Mentoring
Although the right training and deployment roadmap help is vital for a company’s success, the most important aspect of an organization and its employees, is the coaching and mentoring that they will receive from seasoned experts who have seen many of the problems they are and will be facing.
Together with our deployment and process mentors, organizations can overcome challenges and obstacles faced while they are learning new process and technical methodologies, concepts & tools, implementing & completing projects and changing the organization to make improvement and efficiency a way of life.
Our mentors are experts in their respective fields, with experience in a multitude of industries and can work with any effort, from the smallest project to the largest deployments.
Project Execution
Although we recommend that organizations train their own employees who will work with our guidance to improve their own processes, there are occasions where our expertise is needed to directly lead small and/or large projects. Whether this is due to lack of internal resources, the lack of internal knowledge to tackle deep-rooted problems or simply a desire to see ROI on projects before committing to a deployment, Agile Ethos can help execute and complete projects of every scale and complexity.

Contact us to find out how we can work with your organization, no matter how large or small, to drive the right changes that bring bottom-line results. We look forward to working with you to customize a solution that meets your unique challenges.