In order to address your business’ needs, it is often necessary to go beyond training and consulting, and into the development of proprietary software that can be used to carry out data analysis, quality management and process improvement that is crucial to your business. For that reason, VRDS offers two levels of custom solutions to help you push your business forward. Our staff will work with your organization through conception, design, development, deployment and user training on the new software. In addition, we offer customized support to meet any need.

Systems Integration

Often times, knowing how to use a sophisticated third-party data analysis package, such as S-PLUS, SAS, Statgraphics, R, etc., is not enough. The package will need to be integrated within your framework, which may include:

  • Data stores
    • Databases – a standard database such as Oracle, Sybase, etc.
    • Data feeds – real-time data feeds such as XML
    • Other proprietary data stores
  • Other third-party applications
  • In-house applications
  • Corporate or organization web site

In addition, it may be necessary to customize the tool to fit your business through one or both of the following methods:

  • Internal – Custom procedures within a given data analysis package that perform the analysis that is specific to your business. For example, custom procedures may be written in S-PLUS or SAS that analyze your data in a manor relevant to your business processes.
  • External – External modules that are developed by VRDS to tie multiple systems together if the selected data analysis tool does not support such activity out of the box. For example, your data analysis tool may draw data from your database, perform the analysis and post the results to your web site, an Excel file or an in-house application, on demand or on a regular interval.

Custom Development

If it is necessary to have a solution developed from scratch to fit your needs, VRDS’ experienced development team will work with you and your budget to analyze your needs and develop the perfect solution for your business.

We apply our knowledge and years of experience in data analysis, software quality and project management to every solution so you receive the highest quality in every deliverable, regardless of the scope.

Ask how we may help you integrate a third-party data analysis tool within your data framework or
develop a custom solution that is right for you.

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