The Clear Sky®

Test Management and Execution Suite

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This test management and execution system provides many of the same benefits attained from RFT while compensating for the pitfalls:

1. Made for Gherkin
Clear Sky is a test management and execution tool made specifically for test cases written in Gherkin. Additionally it integrates into requirements management tools such as Jama to give you full linkage between requirements and test execution/results.
2. Created for Simplicity
Clear Sky is built from the ground up with the user experience (UX) in mind.
3. Built for Developers
The Clear Sky suite is built to allow developers to automate their own test cases using native programming languages (e.g., standard Java) and an intuitive Application Programming Interface (API) that drive industry standard tools. The use of native programming languages as the glue between the Gherkin scenarios and the automation infrastructure makes it easy for developers to learn, debug, maintain and manage under source control.
4. Built on Industry Standard Tools
Clear Sky automated tests are built on industry-standard, open tools that are used in conjunction with Clear Sky’s infinitely scalable, elastic, license-free, execution framework.
5. Web UI and Webservice Automation and Beyond
The Clear Sky test automation framework offers the option to automate test cases for Web UI, Web Services, REST APIs and even native object models under the UI layer.


Because Clear Sky is made for Gherkin, it enables all the aforementioned benefits and will be the essential “focal point” throughout the development cycle. By linking requirements to test cases to test results, developers may easily and objectively prove their delivery has satisfied requirements.