Continuous Integration Methods

Continuous Integration Methods


2 Days


It is easy to get excited about Agile processes and techniques of incremental and adaptive product development. However, many development organizations stumble when executing these because their environment is not designed to support them.

This fully interactive and hands on course takes participants through one of the most essential parts of the development process – Continuous Integration. Novices and experienced practitioners alike will be taken through the concepts and practices of CI, including getting their hands dirty with the most popular and practical CI tools, servers and scripting languages. Participants will learn the essentials of CI loops, which includes working with source control repositories, backend databases, automated deployment methods and automated test frameworks.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have a working knowledge of how to plan and deploy a Continuous Integration strategy and infrastructure within their organization.


  • Introduction to continuous integration
  • Components of a successful CI Loop
  • Hierarchy of loops
  • Automating builds through build servers
  • Scaling CI by staging builds
  • Integrating unit and testing within the CI loop
  • Working with databases
  • Cloning the production environment and automating deployment
  • Managing your release
  • Closing the CI loop
  • Measuring your CI success

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for any individual with rudimentary development skills (or better) who would like to learn the principles, processes and methods for building and maintaining Continuous Integration infrastructure.