Advanced Organizational Change Management

Advanced Organizational Change Management


2 Days


This fully interactive workshop builds on the previous workshop to present practical and insightful methods to allow executives, managers and change agents conduct effective organization–wide interventions. This course leverages proven organizational development and change methods and models that extend and reinforce improvement efforts. It offers practical and insightful methods to accelerate and improve transformations within their organization.


  • Change
  • Programmatic change survey
  • Top 50 list
  • Definitions job aide
  • Trends analysis exercise
  • Culture
  • Culture types and analysis
  • Artifacts, espoused values, and basic underlying assumptions
  • Control
  • Organizational control analysis
  • Supervisory control strategies
  • Control analysis (organizational, group, individual)
  • Education
  • Job description analysis (RRR)
  • Individual development and career plans
  • Levels of learning (Bloom)
  • Strategy
  • Generic strategic planning model
  • Gap analysis
  • Impact exercise (time, $, energy)
  • Subsystem initiatives and measures
  • Technology
  • Process / systems thinking examples for organizations, transactional, manufacturing, and individuals
  • Sources of variation exercise
  • Process choice and mass customization
  • Architecture of information exercise (form vs function)
  • Structure (II)
  • Size, bureaucracy, & life cycle
  • Differentiation and integration strategies and definitions
  • Organizational charts: OSURF exercise
  • Structure trend and gap analysis
  • Analyzing organizational interventions
  • Accountable hierarchies
  • Time duration analysis/survey
  • Organizational case studies

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for managers, ScrumMasters and change agents who need to learn how to create top-down sustainable change within their company.