Introduction to Organizational Change Management

Introduction to Organizational Change Management


2 Days


This fully interactive workshop helps practitioners gain an understanding of organizations, avoid programmatic changes, conduct meaningful interventions, and employ effective structural change within their work groups and organizations that last. It leverages proven organizational development and change methods and models that extend and reinforce improvement efforts. It offers change agents and managers practical and insightful methods to accelerate and improve transformations within their team or department.

Topics covered in class are relevant to all levels of experience. Our instructors simplify complex topics and present them clearly and concisely. Case studies and in-class exercises allow the participants to combine and utilize concepts learned during the course.


  • Introduction to Organizational Theory
  • Definition and short history
  • Open systems model
  • Levels of analysis
  • Measurement
  • Measurement types
  • Natural order and chain reaction
  • A view of recent History through metrics
  • Balanced metrics
  • Data management plans revisited
  • Six-Sigma and Lean metrics revisited
  • Resource
  • Resource types
  • Links to process types
  • Links to project management
  • Decision-making
  • Decision-making types
  • Six thinking modes
  • Containment, correction, and prevention
  • Issue resolution, problem-solving, process improvement
  • Sources of power
  • Environment
  • Environmental sectors
  • Power of benchmarking
  • Structure
  • Attitudinal vs. structural change
  • Assessing sustainability in projects

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for anyone in the organization who would like to learn about Agile development, its benefits, challenges and their role in the Agile methodology and practices.