Hands on Test-Driven Development

Hands on Test-Driven Development


3 Days


Test-driven development is about efficiently creating a persistent base of automated tests that detect the majority of defects before code is checked into the baseline and continuing to test every time you compile. Done right, TDD leads to higher productivity, and a significant drop in defects. TDD is a breakthrough philosophy that transforms code quality and design from good to great. Once it grabs your attention, you will change the way you approach development forever.

This powerful and fully-interactive workshop teaches participants how to create, maintain and evolve a test-driven product. Participants learn how to set up the framework and slowly write their first test cases in an instructor-led mini-project. Participants will find themselves jumping between code, design and even requirements, evolving the product as they go. As the class progresses, more powerful topics will be introduced and used in building the simulated product.


  • So you think you know about writing Unit tests?
  • 12 reasons to love TDD
  • Working with xUnit
  • Writing your first tests
  • Refactoring basics
  • Relating unit tests to stories and conditions of satisfaction
  • The Test-Driven Design epiphany
  • A deeper look into xUnit
  • Techniques on writing powerful unit tests
  • Fakes, stubs and mock objects
  • Working with legacy code
  • Testing the user interface
  • Testing databases
  • Advanced unit testing methods

Who should take this course?

Although it is perfectly natural and welcome for a Q/A professional with development experience to take this course, it is intended for developers and architects. However, anyone with development skills is welcome.